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  • πŸ”…

  • πŸ”†

  • 🌞

  • β˜€

  • 🌀

  • β›…

  • πŸŒ₯

  • 🌦

  • 🌣

  • ☼

  • ☼

  • πŸŒ…

  • πŸŒ„

  • 🌝


Click to copy sun emoji symbol🌝, The symbol for the sun is βŠ™. The sun is a star located in the center of the solar system. The diameter of the sun is about 1.392 million kilometers. The sun symbol symbolizes a concentrated source of light radiating outward: the source of life from the universe supplies life vitality and energy outward. The outer circle represents infinity because it is a closed loop with no beginning and no end, the beginning and end of time.